Win One Million & a trip with a friend to egypt to watch Harambee Stars

Once in a lifetime opportunity for three lucky winners plus a friend to watch Harambee Stars Group stage matches.

how to enter

For assistance talk to us on 0707100007 or 0707099797.


Simply SMS “STARS” to 29881 to register.


You will receive a welcome message and instructions to load your account. Deposit a minimum of Ksh 50 to Paybill 881881, account Number FKF.


Answer simple multiple choice questions.You answer by replying with A, B or C. Each response is charged Ksh 10 and every correct entry earns you 100 points. The more points the more chances of winning

What you stand to win


1 lucky winner together with a friend will win a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt to watch Harambee Stars Afcon 2019 group stage matches. The winner also gets 1 million KES.

1st Runners Up

1st runner up together with a friend will win a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt to watch Harambee Stars Afcon 2019 group stage matches. The runner up also gets 500,000 KES.

2nd Runners Up

2nd runner up together with a friend will win a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt to watch Harambee Stars Afcon 2019 group stage matches.

Monthly Winner

1 person gets to win 200,000 KES.

Weekly Winners

1 person gets to win 100,000 KES.

Daily Winners

10 people get to win 5,000 KES Daily.

  • 2.1 These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) include the terms of the SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY privacy policy, which may be accessed from the "TNCs page" of the Website. Accordingly, all customer personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties
  • 2.2 If a player registers with SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY via Mobile, they will be deemed to have accepted these Conditions. Players may copy these Conditions and store them for future reference.
  • 2.3 Players will be required to send an sms with the word “STARS” to be enrolled in the lottery. The number used is considered as the players ID. Players are responsible for all activities which occur under their player ID, save where such activities occur as a result of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY’s negligence.
  • 2.4 It is the Players’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with any and all laws applicable to them before registering or participating in any activity through the mobile phone.
  • 2.5 Players residing or present in any jurisdiction where receipt of the Services would be a prohibited activity are not permitted to register or receive the Services.
  • 2.6 SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY its agents and anyone on their behalf make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the lawfulness of any player’s participation in any activity through the Mobile phone including, but without limitation to, the legality of the receipt of Services by players in their residing jurisdiction.
  • 2.7 SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY reserves the right to require players to verify that they are eligible to register, to carry out checks or request information from players from time to time (during and after registration) and to refuse, suspend or cancel registration of an account in its absolute discretion (for example, including but not limited to if a player provides any false, invalid or misleading information).
  • 2.8 On completion of registration, players will be notified by SMS and/or text that their account is open and they will be able to use SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY to purchase tickets for lotteries or services delivered by SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY in accordance with these Conditions.
  • 2.9 Participants hereby agree that personal data supplied when participating in the Lottery may be used by the Organizer to monitor participation in the Lottery, to provide services to Participants from time to time and to evaluate service improvements.
  • 3.1 Shinda na Stars Lottery is a subscription and on-demand based lottery service that will allow customers play a quiz and answer game. Customers will be required to access the game via SMS. Shinda na Stars Lottery service gives customers the opportunity to win a variety of prizes which includes but not limited to:A trip to Egypt, Cash prizes, Airtime & Other consolation prizes from sponsors.
  • 4.1 The lottery games will run for a duration of 2 months. The start date will be on 8th April 2019.
  • 5.1 Shinda na Stars Lottery will be played via SMS, providing an equal chance of winning and fair opportunities to participants.
  • 5.2 Financial transactions to add funds to player's Mobile Wallets accounts are made using MPESA. All funds deposited into a players account are deemed to be payment for current or future entries and may NOT be withdrawn unless an authorized representative of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY deem, in their sole discretion, that there was a technical error at this portion of the transaction.
  • Sms to Shortcode 29881 is charged at ksh.2.5
  • 6.2. All other interactions with the program are free of charge.
  • 6.3. In the case of charges other than above charges, Shinda na Stars Lottery shall deem it fit to refund the participant after careful investigation.
  • 7.1. Upon texting preferred keyword to Shortcode 29881, user shall receive notificationvia SMS confirming entry for keyword entered.
  • 7.2. Upon receipt of notification, it shall state clearly User’s lotto number and Draw time
  • 7.3. User can make enquiries of their balance by texting balance to 29881
  • 8.1. All minimal cash winnings will be credited to players’ Mpesa account. Shinda na Stars Lottery agents will also contact winners on how and where to redeem prizes which cannot be credited into phones due to amount.
  • 8.2. Winners within Nairobi state will be contacted by Shinda na Stars agents to pick up prizes in Nairobi offices and asked to take pictures for media purposes./li>
  • 8.3. Before prizes can be claimed, the user must have all details filled on the Lottery system.
  • 8.4. In the case of raffle draw, promotion or giveaway, prizes will be assigned to winners randomly from all eligible entries.
  • 8.5. Every winner will be contacted by Shinda na Stars Lottery customer care representative on the phone number he has used to participate in the Program. Shinda na Stars Lottery Customer Care Reps will attempt to contact the winner at least 3 times a day over a period of 1 week, between the hours of 9am and 8pm. If the winner cannot be contacted during this period, he forfeits the prize.
  • 8.6. If a winner fails to redeem his/her prize within 4 weeks from the date of contact, the prize is deemed Forfeited
  • 8.7. In the case of cash prize, every winner shall have his/her phone number on Shinda na Stars website registered before any request can be approved.
  • 8.8. By accepting a prize, a winner consents to the use of his first name, initial of last name, city of residence, photograph and likeness in any promotional material produced by Shinda na Stars Lottery Games. Such does not entitle the winner to any further compensation.
  • 8.9. Each participant (MSISDN) is entitled to receive only one prize per prize category for that period.
  • 8.10. Any expense not explicitly indicated as part of the prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the winner.
    • (a) The player reserves the right to send in a name he/she will want to be displayed on site as well as promotional materials.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years to participate.
  • Amounts below KSH. 1,000,000 will be paid electronically (via bank transfer to winning accounts.) Amounts above 1 million will be presented to winners by a representative of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY in cheque.
  • 8.13. SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY reserves the rights to assign products of equal value to the winning amount to winners.
  • 8.10. Any expense not explicitly indicated as part of the prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the winner.
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Mini Grand Prize
  • Grand Prize
  • 9.1. In the event of any player being engaged in any kind of fraudulent behavior (in SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY’S reasonable opinion) in relation to these Conditions, any points purchased on SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY will be the sole property of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY and any lottery winnings shall also be the sole property of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY. SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY reserves the right to notify the relevant authorities of any such fraudulent behavior.
  • 9.2. Players are not permitted to request withdrawal of monies when the principle amount deposited has been done so specifically to claim one of our promotional bonuses. For example, if a promotion on our website claimed that you may receive a bonus on depositing a specific amount of money for the purchase of tickets within our platform, these promotions are offered in GOOD FAITH by SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY and the principle amount must actually be used to purchase tickets and not be refunded once the promotional bonus has been allocated, unless a prior agreement has been made and documented.
  • 10.1. By participating in the lottery, the participants expressly agree that personal data which they supply shall be processed by Shinda na Stars Lottery for the purposes of executing of publicizing Shinda na Stars Lottery Games. It is hereby specified that Shinda na Stars Lottery guarantees that publicity entailing the sharing with third parties of personal data supplied as a result of participation in Shinda na Stars Lottery, (including through television, the press, leaflets and other means and formats of communication) shall be made only with respect of the winners of the prizes and will only indicate the given names and surnames of the winners, location of their place of residence, their images and voices(contained in photographic records, audio, video and other types of records, made with the purposes of publicity connected to the lottery). The winners give, through their participation in the lottery game, express consent for the use of this data in formats herein defined.
  • 13.1. SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY reserves the right to modify these Conditions if it is reasonably necessary to do so. Any changes will be notified on the Website.
  • 13.2. If it is reasonably necessary to do so SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY reserves the right to withdraw the Website or any of the Services without prior notice.
  • 13.3. Players agree not to cause any virus or other harmful materials to be uploaded onto or otherwise affect SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY’s servers or computer systems..
  • 14.1. The names, images, pictures, logos and icons identifying SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY and its Services are, unless otherwise stated, its intellectual property. Other products, pictures, images, logos, and icons and company names mentioned on the Website may belong to other companies.
  • 14.2. All intellectual property rights in the design, content and arrangement of the Website (including its text, domain name and graphics, all software compilations or underlying source code, and all other material on the Website) are reserved by SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY or its content and/or technology providers.
  • 14.3. Players may not use any materials contained on the Website for any purpose other in connection with the Services. As noted in Clause 2.2 above, players may take a copy of these Conditions, which must be used strictly for their own records.
  • 14.4. Access to the Website is on an "as is" basis and SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY gives no further warranties, whether express, implied or statutory including, but without limitation, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose of the Website or the availability of the Website.
  • 15.1. Any reference in these Conditions to any provision of a statute shall be construed as a reference to that provision as amended, reenacted or extended at the relevant time. The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation. Where the context dictates in these Conditions, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and any gender includes the other genders. Any reference to a clause shall mean a clause of these Conditions.
  • 16.1. These Conditions are personal to the player and cannot be assigned or transferred to any other person. Players may not sub-contract any of their obligations under these Conditions. SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY may assign, transfer or subcontract the performance of its rights or obligations under these Conditions.
  • 16.2. No variation of these Conditions will be valid unless authorized in writing by one of LOTTERY’s duly authorized representatives.
  • 16.3. No waiver by SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY of any breach of these Conditions by a player shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision..
  • 16.4. Nothing in these Conditions shall constitute or be construed as constituting a partnership or joint venture between SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY and a player; or shall authorize either party to enter into contractual relationships or incur obligations on behalf of the other.
  • 16.5. An entity which is not expressly a party to these Conditions has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties), or otherwise, to enforce any term of these Conditions.
  • 16.6. If any provision of these Conditions is found by any competent authority or a court of law to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of these Conditions shall continue in full force and effect.
  • 16.7. These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kenya in the English language, and players agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kenya courts.
  • 16.8. These Conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties relating to their subject matter and supersede all such prior agreements, arrangements and undertakings between the parties. Players have no remedy in respect of any untrue statement innocently or negligently made by or on behalf of SHINDA NA STARS LOTTERY prior to entering into these Conditions which they relied upon in entering into these Conditions whether such representation was made orally or in writing.